Community Rules

We believe each person is essential for keeping Carusel enjoyable. So we kindly ask you to read these basic rules and follow them. Together we can enrich the Carusel experience and explore captivating communications with other people.

These Community Rules are incorporated part of Carusel Terms of Service


Carusel community appreciates to:
- Share moments from your life - what you feel, what happened to you, what worries you. Or any results of your creativeness that you desire to share
- Be friendly and respectful - we are all different people, with diverse opinions. But we are all people on one planet. We are all humans
- Be safe - Carusel community is open to the world, so do not share anything you are not ready to share. You are the most reliable keeper of your privacy
- Report abuse and improper content - this will keep Carusel experience pleasing
- Use clear language - that’s the best way to understand each other.


Carusel community does not appreciate:
- Hate, violence, harassment
- Porn, drugs, alcohol
- Any illegal stuff
- Advertising, spam
- Phishing, fraud, malicious links
- Coping of someone else's content without copyright or consent
- Inappropriate usernames.

We reserve a right to delete moments and comments or deactivate accounts for violating community rules.