Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last update: 5/13/2019

Please read carefully this Privacy Policy, that describes how Carusel collects, processes, uses, discloses and protects your personal data when using Carusel mobile app or website (collectively named as “Services”), and any information, data, text, photos, images, videos, audio records, ads, or other materials appearing on the Services (collectively named as “Content”). This Policy also describes how you can exercise your rights as a data subject. When you use the Services you consent to collection, processing, using, disclosing and protecting your information in accordance with this Policy.

Carusel Applications OÜ is data controller for the personal data you share using the Services. Please, refer to the last section of this Policy for contact details.

1. General

Please, note that usage of the Services supposes that some of the information you share will be publicly available. Such information may include but not limited to the Content you share and your username. Please refer to the next sections for the details.

Using the Services does not require disclosure of your religious beliefs, political opinions, racial or ethnic origin, or any other sensitive personal data. We don’t take responsibility to protect such data with additional measures or any other responsibility for such information. Sharing of such information is at your own risk.

You are the best keeper of your privacy, so choose carefully what to share with others.

2. What Data We Collect and How We Use It

We do not collect information that is not required for operability and analytics of the Services. Please, get acquainted with the list below to understand what information we collect from you and how we use it.

  1. 1) Email. It is used for identification and authentication on the Services. Email address is also used for delivering information about the Services, including:
    1. a) Important notifications, security notices, updates in Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Community Rules or other. You cannot opt-out while the agreement between you and Carusel is active

    2. b) Information about offers, new services or other promotional emails. You can opt-out from these distributions.
  2. 2) Passwords. Required for authentication on the Services and maintain the security of your account. Your password is kept in encrypted form

  3. 3) Username. We do not require to use any of your personal data in login. Your login can be publicly available. So it’s your decision how to be known to other users

  4. 4) The content you share. The whole point of social services, like Carusel, is in content sharing with other people. Please, note that all Content you share becomes publicly available

  5. 5) Log data. Activities you conduct in the application (e.g., registration, login, sharing Content) are registered in logs. This is required for issue solving, maintaining security, analyzing performance and usage of the Services

  6. 6) Payment data. Allows to process payments for using Paid Services

  7. 7) Device identification information required for usage of application features like push notifications

  8. 8) IP address. For connecting your device with our server.

Most of your information can be accessed and managed through the mobile app interface. If you want to access your personal data, which is not available through the application interface, please send us a request using contacts stated in the last section of this Policy.

3. Advertisements

We use Unity Ads service as advertisement provider for the Carusel mobile app. Unity Ads collects data for ads operations:

  1. 1) Device identification information. This includes device identifiers, IP address, country of install (mapped from IP address), operating system, hardware information, advertising identifiers

  2. 2) Information about your interaction with ads, including following: whether you click or tap an ad for a new game, whether you watch the ad or play a game frequently, whether others playing a game like the one you’re playing have downloaded a particular new game, and whether you download and install the new game you see advertised. All of this is for purposes of predicting the types of new games that you might like to download.

All of this data may be shared with ad publishers and attribution companies.

Unity Ads provides options for opting-out from data gathering and access to data that was collected from you. Please, check their Privacy Policy for guidelines on how to do this (

Please note, that data collection for advertising purposes is limited for data collected by Unity Ads, which is described above. Carusel does not share data about your actions in the mobile app (like moments viewing, KeepItUp’s, commenting) for advertising purposes.

4. Our Partners

We do not share your data with parties that are not involved in the operability of the Services. Please, get acquainted with the list of parties that help us maintain the Services:

  1. 1) Google LLC. Provides services required for delivering and support of the mobile application. For Google’s Privacy Policy, please refer to and

  2. 2) Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL. Provides services of website hosting, data storage and other required for operability of the Services. For AWS’s Privacy Policy, please refer to

  3. 3) Unity Technologies Finland Oy. Provides in-app advertising. For Unity’s Privacy Policy, please refer to

Please be noted that your data can be disclosed to government bodies or related organizations in a result of court decision enforcement or other case required by applicable law. The amount of data disclosed will be limited to the minimum required extent.

5. Data Protection Measures

To protect your data from unauthorized access, we implemented a number of security measures, including but not limited to:

  1. 1) Restricted access to data storage

  2. 2) Strong authentication to server part of the Services

  3. 3) Hashing of users passwords

  4. 4) Encryption of connection between mobile app and server part of the Services

As the access to your account is protected by the password you set, we recommend you to set a password with reasonable length and complexity, as well as to make sure it is known only by you. Please note, that we cannot be responsible for your failure to keep credentials secure.

6. Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer or mobile device for users identification, remember users custom preferences, save entered and not submitted data, or other purposes.

Carusel mobile application uses cookies for supporting data transmission and communication between the application and server side of the Services. Such cookies are stored for the period of active session and deleted after log off. We do not use cookies for users profiling or tracking across devices.

Carusel website does not use cookies.

7. How to Delete Your Data

The content you created can be deleted through the interface of the mobile app. You can also request the deletion of your account via the interface. The account and your personal data will be deleted in 15 days. During this period you are able to cancel the deletion.

8. Changes to this policy

In case if updates of the Services require additional data processing, we will notify you and propose to confirm new privacy policy.

During further development of Carusel we may review and update this Policy. The changes will not be retroactive. The current version of this Policy is available at In case of updates to this Policy, we will notify you and propose to consent with the new version.

9. Contacts

If you have questions regarding this Policy or request to execute your rights as a data subject, please contacts us:

Carusel Applications OÜ
Address: Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia
Registry code: 14619128