How it works

Real life is full of random beautiful moments. But artificial algorithms make you watch the content you are probably sick of already. Nothing can see the beauty of life and define the best moments better than a human eye though! Use your human right to choose what’s worth sharing and being seen by more people around the world! Re-discover the happiness of random life moments with Carusel!

* * *

Carusel is a new social app for content-discovery where the rating and virality of content depend exclusively on its quality, and not on the popularity of the author. For the content consumers, the app helps to find new interests and trending news, or get content in topics you chose. For the content creators, the app helps to get the fair recognition they deserve and distribute their content virally.

How Carusel works:
1. A user publishes a moment that is sent to a group of random, unbiased people.
2. If they like your moment, they can support it by tapping on KeepItUp!
3. The moment that was supported is spreading to another group of people, and so on.

The more users support the post, the more people it gets shown to. As a result, only the most genuine and interesting content (as judged by the majority of users) receives the deserved recognition and virality.

Unlike traditional social networks, Carusel’s content feed shows users the newly published content from random users all around the world. This way users are not limited to their friends or subscriptions circle which lets them be in charge of evaluating the quality of the content and information. By using this “human filter,” the users create truly high-quality content for themselves! At the same time, the users can choose the tags under which they want to receive content so that they are not being exposed to things they’re not interested in.

- Our algorithm challenges any bot activity. Posts are sent out in batches to limited groups of random users. Also, you cannot support a post via a specific link. Hence, there is a minimal probability for a bot to promote a specific post.
- Our algorithm is also much more transparent than of our competitors. The more people support a certain post, the more it gets seen. The author’s profile rating or following base does not influence the rating of the content he/she posts.
- Unlike on Facebook or Instagram, our users do not have user profiles in Carusel. Hence, our algorithm doesn’t send users the content based on their profile activity.
- Our algorithm doesn’t lock users in subscriptions, content tags or categories. If the user wants, he can choose specific content tags he prefers to receive. However, it is entirely up to him which categories to choose as the algorithm won’t be suggesting any tags if the user doesn’t wish to select any.
- Unlike Instagram’s algorithm where the posts of the profiles with larger following get more extensive reach, our algorithm equalizes all users regardless of the following, so all posts get equal reach opportunities. Our algorithm prioritizes the posts based on the user’s voting rather than the popularity of profiles that posted them.
- Our algorithm guarantees that every post gets a minimum reach as the first group of random users sees it.
- Our algorithm doesn’t “filter” the content in Carusel. You see all content posted in the app unless you tighten the circle by choosing categories.
- Our algorithm lets users receive interesting content even from the new or amateur content creators. And it lets content creators concentrate on creating authentic content, instead of worrying about increasing their following base.