Who we are

In the social media world full of low-quality content and a heavy reliance on artificial intelligence that retouches and “filters” a raw and beautiful perception of the real world, we’re returning people what they deserve - a “voice” in content rating and a fair opportunity for all content creators. We strive to improve the quality of digital content and bring content consumers and creators closer by providing an objective way of content evaluation and distribution.

These days, what our brains consume is determined by computers. But we want to free people from the hypocrisy of the traditional social networks where personal data is heavily abused. We are changing the rules of the game. With Carusel, you get the full freedom of self-expression. Famous name, followers, or bots don’t work in Carusel. Only your content and its quality matter.

Join us on our road of changing the digital world for the better. Let’s bring quality content and rightfully deserved exposure back into social media together!

We aim:
- To give people the full power to decide what content they want to see and discover new interests
- To provide content creators with a fair model of content distribution
- To advance the quality of digital content on social media
- To equalize content consumers and creators

- Randomity. We put excitement and authenticity back in the digital content. In Carusel, you cannot expect to see something specific. Content is distributed randomly which creates a pleasant feeling of anticipation of a surprise while using the app. What new will you discover in the app tonight? You never know. But you will want to stay longer to discover more and more.
- Support. We are creating a space where you can be supported by anybody virtually from anywhere in the world. It connects people on a whole new level because, in Carusel, popularity doesn’t matter. Your language or region also don’t matter. Only your content and its power to amaze defines how many people will discover and support it.
- Creativity. We encourage content creators to post more interesting, authentic, and creative content. The more interesting your content is, the bigger audience it gets shown to. Your creativity is the currency that powers your content discoverability.
- Equality. Our algorithm gives everybody an equal opportunity to be discovered. Hence, whoever you are, you can forget about the bias of the large following or fame. Be yourself and express yourself freely to your benefit.
- #Nofilter. In Carusel, there is genuinely no filter applied to content distribution. You can see all the content that gets shared through the app and, potentially, discover new interests. Get out of the artificial bubble you’re placed in via traditional social networks and see the world afresh.

For inquiries, complaints or greetings - team@carusel.io